Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Colette Patterns - Spring & Summer 2012

Colette have announced their eagerly awaited new Spring & Summer 2012 patterns. I have yet to sample a Colette Pattern but I do like a couple of their old ones. I have my eye on the Jasmine blouse and although I like the Ginger skirt and love all the interpretations I have seen over the blogosphere I have a favourite flare skirt pattern I could always adapt to a high waisted one.

Do you notice am all talk and no substance. I think once I break into the forum of making dresses and blouses mastering the FBA technique, there will be no stopping me, I just haven't the confidence at the moment. Anyway I digress.

Okay are you ready for them, and their respective descriptions . . . of course you are. 

First up is the Lily. I really like this, particularly in two contrasting colours, so this may be on my pattern wish list for the future.


Princess seam sundress with a curve skimming fit. The neckline and pockets are adorned with a flap detail that can be made in self fabric (version 1) or contrasting fabric (version 2). The skirt is slightly tapered for a slim fit, and includes a back kickpleat for ease of movement. The back closes with an invisible zipper.
Next up is Hazel.

It has an interesting bodice. Puts me in mind of something but for love or money can't think what.

This quick and easy dress combines a flattering V-seamed bodice with side panels cut on the bias, letting you play with patterns such as stripes and plaids. The simple dirndl style skirt has in-seam pockets. Version 2 gives cutting layouts for using border print fabrics.

And finally it's a pair of shorts referred to as Iris. There will be no call for them where I live, bitter cold at the moment despite being Spring and sometimes we bypass Summer. Besides they wouldn't take my thunder thighs.

These simple and cute shorts are so quick to sew, you could make them in every color. Pockets are set into a front side seam and optionally close with buttons. The shorts sport a 4 1/2 inch inseam length and close with an invisible side zipper.
My next post should be to herald the completion of my bag from hell. Honest.


  1. Anonymous4/18/2012

    I like lily allot.... the blue and white makes it look more tailored. I went onto Colette website and there are allot of nice and easy looking dresses...hmph! I might be getting some patterns thanks to you.
    Oh yeah as far as making's something I think you will get a hang of really quickly. Your are doing the basics with the bags as is, and the fact your doing Vogue means to me, you are already there.

  2. Thank you. I will get there one day.

  3. I love the Hazel dress, I will have to put this one on my wish list!


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