Sunday, 8 April 2012

Boom! Boom!

No I have not finished my bag yet!

Am on the penultimate furlong, and have been for the past few weeks but it is like having a sofa under my machine, the bag runs big, so I have to be in the mood to battle.

Anyway thought I would pop in to say a quick hello before my blog starts growing grey hairs and wrinkles waiting for me to complete a bag I have been on for weeks!!! Not literally but nevertheless. Feel I want to bag slap it each time, I glance over. I can almost feel it recoiling.

Yesterday, which was actually today in real time, I logged into my blog and happened to look to my right and noticed that the delightful Julia had updated her blog, saw the words Cherry Blossom, I was absolutely shattered but thought out of curiosity I would give it a quick glance before retiring to the land of slumber (00.37 in the UK).

Read through as you do,  and there flashing back at me - ok slight exaggeration - but in big bold letters was the following.

Give-Away Winners!
$25 Gift voucher to spend at Patterns From the Past
Sassy T from the blog Sassy T Sews

Yes I was randomly selected for one of Julia's giveaways, forgot I had even entered, and never win them, so am a happy gal. Someone else had won the lovely lipstick red wool crepe. But am not bitter, I have won a prize yeeee haaaa.

I was allocated one of those versatile blogger awards a few weeks back by the lovely Neeno @ sewmelove  thanks. Not sure am worthy of such an award as I have only been writing my sewing blog for five minutes and my creations are boo, boo's galore but nice that someone likes the blog.

I will have to come back to the requirements of that award in due course as you have to nominate quite a few others and I only follow a small few religiously, despite having about forty blogs in my Bloglovin stash.  Besides I follow some of the most popular and they have probably been nominated half a dozen times. So I will probably have to modify the requirements, naughty I know.

I decided I needed a  nice little tin for my pins. I envisaged an old antique trinket  or oriental themed tin. Being unemployed I wanted something easy on the pocket, so I wasn't about to go looking in the large department stores.

Traipsing around my local market I came across a gentleman selling DIY stuff  and the like and some little 2 x 3.5 " tins. They were only a £1, some of the designs not to my taste, ie smiley faces or a few green leaves and needless to say no antique or oriental looking tins. I decided at that point with them being a £1 I would cut my losses and choose the one I considered the best.

I ummed and ahhed, thinking these are so not aesthetically pleasing . . . until I came across a little red one. This will fit the bill, I thought and handed over my pound coin. 

I came away with this one.

Until next time my fellow sewers . . .


  1. Hey lovely lady! Congratulations on your win! I'm so happy you won it :)

    Can you please forward to me your postal address and email address to julia(at)juliabobbin(dot)com

    Thanks a million! xx

  2. On it's way . . . Thank you, a nice surprise.

  3. Congratulation on winning your prize....and thanks for dropping by I appreciate it.

  4. A magnetic pin cushion :)

  5. I like the magnetic dishes so you can pop feet pins and scissors in them but prefer these next to my sewing machine. i like the tins for when you are on the move to classes etc. Have a thing about having things in boxes containers, packets etc lol.

  6. Congrats on your prize - have you used the patterns yet?

  7. Hi There. No not yet, it will be a while as am a pattern buying fiend. I will link to your site when I blog about them.

  8. I will probably be doing a blog about receiving them when I get a moment.


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