Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bag of Horrors - The End!

 Part one of the saga can be found here 

Vogue 8568 - View C

Saturday night I had a surge of creativity and decided to utilise it on the Bag of Horrors, yes, I live the high life. So with trepidation I slipped the bag under the machine and proceeded to sew the facing and lining to the bag. And for once the faux leather didn't play up.

I could have done the rest there and then but my tummy was screaming out to be fed and watered, and who was I to argue. A chinese takeaway and Shiraz were on the menu.I would finish it on the Sunday

Come Sunday, a banging headache, so wrestling with my bag which is akin to having a sofa under my machine was out of the question.  Decided Monday would be the day when I put this project to bed, but lo and behold, I had a sleepless night and had to get up early, as a result I felt tired and poorly most of the day.  The bag was out of the question. Is this bag ever going to get done I thought?

Yes, and it did today - Wednesday 25th April 2012. Does a little merry dance. Glad to see the back of this bag.

Well here it is, the bane of my life. I omitted the pocket tab, as there were one to many tabs for my liking, and they were a big pain in my ample derriere.

Speaking of derriere's, because I placed the flapped pocket lower than it should have been - not sure what happened there -  it is dragging the backside of the bag. Oh well c'est la vie.


I won't give you chapter and verse on what else went wrong, I would be exhausted and I want to chill tonight. Besides, who's got that kind of time. In a nutshell it includes misplaced tabs and pockets, dodgy looking topstitching, cr*p this, cr*p that, all glaringly obvious, but hey I finished it.

I might use it as my knitting bag, as I don't want all my hard work and intense nervous headaches going to waste.

If you look to your right after the"Recent Comments" section, you will see a section called "Nightmares". Guess what's making a debut in that little ole section.

Vogue 8568 - The Rundown

Fabric: Main - Faux Leather. Lining -  some cheap tartan.

Likes: All the pockets.  Two zipped, one in the front and the other on the back. A front flap pocket. Two internal, one for a mobile.

Dislikes: All the tabs and the construction thereof, they looked puny after you sewed the seam. I omitted this after several attempts and just cut out the tab, no lining or no interfacing, recommended by my tutor. Left the edges raw, since it was faux leather. They look ten times better.

Sew Again? - Not this particular view. No Sirree!

Conclusion: I had a love hate relationship with this bag, hated working on it but loved coming to the end. I have learned a lot with this project and despite all the issues, due to my inexperience or not having the right tools, I have enjoyed working with faux leather. 

I do need to practice them zipped pockets as my stitching is crazy. I felt like I was swinging in the dark. Need to master them, so a lot of practice and acquiring some tips are in order.

This is not a bag I will be making again just yet, unless someone is prepared to pay me a grand . . .

 Adios my fellow sewers . . .

"The only place that housework comes before sewing is in the dictionary"


  1. Way to go for finishing! I would have cast it aside or burned it. But good thing you kept at it because it looks great. Can't see any faults from here.

  2. Thanks Melizza. Am telling ya I was pretty close to bag slapping it lol. I had to finish it, am one of those people where it would be preying on my mind, if I were to start another project.

  3. Anonymous5/08/2012

    Even through all of difficulties, your bag turned out beautifully! It looks like it came straight from the store :)

  4. Thanks Sophia. Think I will make a skirt next hehe

  5. You made this? I am in awe. Just the welt zippered pocket in faux leather would have had me in tears!

    1. It drove me absolutely crazy. I need to do more of them pockets as the topstitching and is rubbish, I just wanted it finished haha.


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