Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Where Art Thou Sewjo?

My sewjo went AWOL for a couple of months. I looked everywhere for it, under the bed, in my spare room, at a neighbours house in my corner shop even -  nowhere to be found.

After giving my craft room a well overdue tidy and sort, my sewjo has returned. So in a few days I am hoping to, at the very least, cut out the Emery pattern I mentioned in my last post. Need to make a few amendments to the pattern then I will be away.

So annoying when your sewjo decides to get up and go, taking your get up and go with it. I am dying to get my first dress out of the way but life sometimes rears its ugly head, and I am back playing hide and seek with sewjo.

I'm determined to get something done on my first dress this week whilst I'm off work so will keep you posted.

Here's hoping that I'm not thinking the same as the gal above when I glance in the mirror wearing my first dress.

Until Next Time



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