Saturday, 14 October 2017

DIY Simple Sew's Lottie Blouse et al

Helloooo. Yeah, I know, I am the worse blogger in bloggersville. Posting these creations to breathe a little life into this blog. The goddamn thing needs resuscitating.

I have not created anything of note but I have a few projects to share. First up is 
the pussy bow blouse by Simple Sew - my wearable muslin. Made a few boo, boo's but I can wear it in public . . . providing no-one gets too close. Shortened the tie due to insufficient fabric. That being said, I do love throwing it on with a pair of leggings when I'm running errands. So it's all good. And get this, one of the young male assistant's in my corner shop said, "you look nice." You could have knocked me down with a feather hehe.

Next up is a drawstring bag I made for work. Some random waterproof fabric I picked up from one of Abakhan's remnant bins. We put our bags in lockers, I throw my magazines and book in the drawstring for break times.

Last but not least is Simplicity 2258. I call it the strictly on hols skirt. Just above my knees but feels short. And a tad too snug for my sensibilities. Get away with it in another country, in the blazing sun. But my hometown - not so much.  I didn't bother making alterations as the project was just to kick sewjo into touch. A satisfying project when your sewjo has gone MIA.

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