Sunday, 21 August 2016

Emery - Work in Progress

Don't faint but I'm working on my first dress.  The Christine Haines,  Emery Dress, will be my entree into dress making - literally. When I first clapped eyes on this pattern, I decided almost immediately, it wasn't for me. Loved it on others but thought it too cutesy for my urban sensibilities.

Image Source: Christine Haines

Accordingly, it didn't reach my "pattern hitlist.But I had a change of heart.  More on that in my next Emery post. I'm in the process of muslin-ing the bodice, y darts, broad back and lengthening alterations - all fun and games.  

Making this dress will be an education, and am raring to go. Can't be fussed preparing a skirt muslin. Did intend to muslin the skirt, and cut it out in some nasty fabric, I unwittingly purchased online. Decided against completing the process. Can't see too much going wrong with that, and if it does, no biggie, I'm not using my best fabric. So it's all good. 

Have about four fabrics destined to be an Emery, think they were earmarked before I had purchased the pattern. 

This fabric will be my first victim. 

Purchased this because I thought the elephants were cute. Would have preferred another colour-way as am not overly keen on black and white prints. May be due to wearing a lot of black to work, but beggars can't be choosers when rooting through  Abakhan's bargain bins. 

Anyway, wish me luck.

Until Next Time



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