Sunday, 12 June 2016

African Dirndl & Paul Newman

When I chanced across this African fabric in Abakhan's African fabric bargain bin, my hands, fast as lightening reached out, and in the basket it went. No ifs or butts! It's not waxed which is what appealed to me. I have not taken to the African waxed fabric yet, it feels too stiff for my tastes. I know it will yield a little in the wash but am not feeling the wax craze at the minute. I won't say never though. The image doesn't do the fabric justice, the orange is much more vibrant.  I will try and get a photo wearing it one day.  

I did intend to use Tilly and The Buttons Clemence sewing pattern included in her Love at First Stitch book - a fave of mine - but decided since I was going to have an exposed elasticated waistband, I would just draft my own. Using the width of the fabric, I basically cut two rectangles. Took me back to one of my learning to sew projects. A far cry from this one. This one worked out exactly how I wanted it to, and is as comfy as an old pair of slippers. Want to have a big meal? No sweat in this skirt.

Had quite a few compliments wearing this skirt. I wore it an an African textiles exhibition, and felt like one of the cool kids, since quite a few others were wearing African garments. A tad more elaborate than my offering, but I still enjoyed sashaying around.

The beauty of this skirt is, it only costs approx £6 including the elastic.  BARGAIN!

And to end this post with a little eye-candy. The gorgeous Paul Newman with a needle and thread. Poetry in motion.

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