Sunday, 14 July 2013

Next Project - Burda 04/2013 119

Am back! I have fully recovered from my first top. Ok there wasn't much to recover from, and one should get a grip, but I do like to be melodramatic.

Right peeps am onto top number two, Burda 04/2013 119

Yeah, how cute is this top? Obviously I will be getting help from my former tutor who has been hosting the odd sewing sessions in her studio. I will of course will be doing a muslin/toile, since am not as rock and roll as some of you out there. A muslin will always be my first port of call, if I want to keep my mental health in check.

I have some blue and white gingham in my stash, am not entirely sure am a gingham person but am stash busting, saving up for a trip to Barcelona and cost cutting so it will have to be done. Here's hoping this doesn't end up as a peplum, the fate of my last top hehe.

Other Business 

I will be blogging about my trip to Barcelona in a separate blog,  Sassy's Travels if anyone is interested.

Megan Nielsen thought it would be fun to make her brother a tee by utilising her cr* fabric scraps, inspired by   Hilarious!

Here is my fave pic of her brother doing a Usain Bolt pose. This was definitely one for my Sassy Sewing Bee's page, been dying to post a man on there, getting bored with just women.

Courtesy of

More on Megan's blog.

Also finished the peg bag I made for a work mate at her request. Made a few boo, boos but nothing a few pegs can't live with.

TTFN . . .

Sassy T



  1. OMG. I need to repost the shite shirt. That is cracking me up. That needs more press. Brilliant!

    1. Lol. Yeah I suggested Megan put it on Burda, and it's on there yeee haaa. Think am obsessed.

  2. Cute peg bag! and good luck with the new shirt. I know yours will turn out fantastic!

  3. Hope the top comes out okay, I think it will look nice in blue & white :)


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