Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pinterest Pix - July 13

The weird and wonderful world of Pinterest. Let's see what has been floating up my stream. Not sure why my first paragraph is starting half way down the page, tried deleting the spaces but no joy. No biggie let's get started.

Gorgeous Dress
blg. plus size style
*Swoon*  Love that colour whatever it is, perhaps pewter, who knows, answers on a postcard. What colour would you call it? More important what fabric does this look like to you? Anyway this dress is pure drape heaven.

Edit: Just looked up "pewter colour" on google and it looks similar, however like with any colour you look up on google, there are at least three different shades answering to the same colour. 

Erm ?
 1966, Tribute to Tom Wesselmann. Yves Saint Laurent
A new stance on the thigh high slit eh? At least in this dress you could give yourself one hell of a shapely thigh, I can't argue with that.

This is a Bag! No Really.

Nuff said.

Playground Chic
playground chic
This image makes me giggle, to me it's like a scary doll with an eye for style.

Well that's it for my Pinty Pix.

Until Next Time

Sassy T



  1. That last picture is kind of scary!

    -Amy (

  2. Anonymous8/07/2013

    neat picks! Pinterest is addicting!

  3. Ahhh, Pinterest, one of my favourite hangouts! Problem is I pin far more than I am ever capable of acting upon in my lifetime!

    1. Oh I don't know ... I reckon you'll get round to most of them the rate of your sewing.


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