Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sassy Of The Rings - Part I

Pattern  -  Flare Skirt from the book Flirt Skirts by Seryn Potter & Patti Gilstrap. 

I saw this navy blue fabric with intersecting rings in one of the fabric bargain bins. It cost under a fiver for 1.5 mtrs and I immediately decided it would be used for the Flare Skirt pattern in the above book.

When I started to work on the skirt, I thought, this will be a great pattern to get me back into sewing, no stresses just one smooth process.  After all it is a simple pattern and more importantly I had made it before. Twice actually. What can go wrong? 

Hem - Doh
This pattern requires a 1" hem and when I think back to my previous versions I decided the skirt would look better an inch shorter so I shortened the pattern accordingly.  I realised after the fact that I didn't really need to do this as my previous versions were hemmed with a quarter inch hem, overlocked then stitched, not a 1" hem which I will be using for this skirt. I suspect the one inch hem would have taken care of the length. Here's hope I don't end up with a mini. I smell a pin check on the way. 

Bias Tape - Divine
Before inserting the zipper I decided that I would make my own bias tape for finishing the back seams and my in seam pockets. I had not done this before and I had some lovely purple lining scraps begging to be used. And I get a kick out of incorporating a new skill or technique to a project.

I was unable to capture the delicious  purple shade in my images (to follow) but it looks very much like this swatch with a nice nice sheen.

I followed the instructions from my Coletterie book to create continuous bias binding. A tute is also on her website here I had to fudge some of it but it worked out fine.

You can't beat self made bias, the feel etc. I do intend to buy a bias binding machine so the back of the seam looks pretty too, as my trimming leaves a lot to be desired. But for now am pleased with my first attempt and I am now a convert. 

I was unable to capture the true colour of the bias tape. See swatch.
Zipper - Uh Oh
I had decided on a lapped zipper application as I had tried this before and it wasn't successful. Lucky enough in my previous experience the rows and rows of corrective stitching was camouflaged by my african fabric. So all good.

As I got to the tail end of the zipper instruction for this skirt I thought so far so good, ok I forgot to use a contrasting thread for basting, and also forgot to change stitch size and tension at one stage when I was suppose to be doing regular stitching but that was no biggie. I sat back and admired the top stitching for the flap, it wasn't perfect but it was passable and I was mighty pleased.

I had a nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right with this picture, further highlighted when it was evident that the flap was on the opposite side and yes that is where I should have top stitched.  Accordingly, I unpicked and corrected my error. 

You need a magnifying glass to see the top stitching, but it hides imperfect stitching. No topstitching thread here.

Well that's all for now. Part II will apprise you of further boo, boo's and will also be the big reveal.

As a reward for reading the above I have injected some humour for your consideration. Enjoy.

Humour - Paper Is Not Dead.

Sassy T



  1. I like the bias on the seams... I am often lazy about seams. I serge them and have been known to do nothing with them, leaving them raw. I know, bad form. Your seams look so pretty.

    1. I don't have a Serger if I did I would be serging them too. Looking forward to owning one.

  2. Absolutely beautiful work. I love the taped seams.


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