Monday, 18 March 2013

Importing Google Reader Blogs

Following on from my last post regarding the retirement of google reader, if you do register with Bloglovin, in settings there is a tab to import your blogs from google reader. This will save you a lot of time I suspect. However I have heard they wasn't prepared for all the action and are having a few teething problems.

Off the subject to give you an update. I have moved the table I bought for cutting out into my living room for now, it's only me that will see it so no biggie. Only a temporary measure but it is too heavy to log up another flight of stairs to the spare room. Shall postpone that until I solicit some help.

What a difference it has made, I have amended my pattern and cut out today. So unlike me. Normally takes me a fortnight to do it as I get put off doing it, since it is either on the floor or my coffee table.

Only problem is, this is the first time I had unpacked my table only to find it is not adjustable as per description so I have sent an email to the seller to explain he has sent the wrong one. I have sat down to do most of my pattern cutting but I want an adjustable table. I have a bad back and although this table is better than the alternatives it is still not making my sewing experience enjoyable, since I have to bend quite a bit if am standing.

So this has taken the shine off my sewing preparation but am going to plod on as it has been so long.

Sassy T



  1. Well I am happy that you are starting the process....I can't wait to see the end result.

  2. That is such a nuisance that the table is not adjustable. Bad backs are not fun :( I hope the issue is sorted out soon.


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