Wednesday, 26 September 2012

All About Knitting

This post is as the title states - all about knitting, well 95% of it is,  so click out if you are looking for a sewing post. Oh and I know what you're thinking, hey Sassy your posts are hardly ever about sewing, so no biggie. True,  just thought I would warn you.

Now the pleasantries are out the way lets get to my first knitting post.

I had been thinking of learning to knit for sometime but hadn't done anything about it, until I received a generic library email, asking whether I was interested in learning to knit, if so call this number.  I did and started to attend a weekly afternoon group.

After a little practice I started to work on a scarf, making mistakes, unravelling, dropping stitches, making mistakes, unravelling. I would leave it for weeks, then do a few rows then leave it for a few weeks more. I was beginning to wonder whether the scarf would end up being competed prior to me burying it alive.

Anyway am pleased to say I completed the scarf, just in time for the miserable weather, we are having in my neck of the woods.

I used a cornflower blue, double knitting yarn, cotton acrylic mix. Picked up eight 50g balls from a charity shop for £8, snapped it up without thinking, as it was so soft. Still have about 3 or 4 balls left. This yarn would have cost more than double in the shops, last time I saw it in a craft shop, the price was £2.75 a ball. Am no fashionista but you can't deny am a bargainista.

Enough about a boring old scarf, let me share with you, three fabulous knitted/crocheted projects.

1. Crocheted Cardigan

courtesy of

How awesome is this crocheted cardigan. Sachi sews some lovely garments and features them on the Burda website. I didn't even know she crocheted or had a blog until recently, when this cardigan floated up the Burda stream. This is also her first crocheted garment. Impressive!

2. Knitted Dress

Green Knitted Dress #3
courtesy of

Jaw dropping eh? This was referred to on another bloggers page, and I clicked into the link and thought WOW.

I wouldn't have the patience or cash to make anything as elaborate like this, the scarf alone gave me more grey hairs than I would like but I just enjoy seeing other peoples creations. 

3. Food Glorious Food

Hungry? Well here is some food goodies knitted by one of the talented ladies in my knitting group. I think she said she has been knitting since 1966. She just loves it and gets involved in all kinds of projects. I will tell you about one of them in my next knitting posts.

So that winds up my knitting post.

Until Next Time

Sassy T 

Wife: Shall we try a different position tonight
Husband: Excellent idea
Wife: You stand at sink, wash dishes, I lie on sofa  and watch TV 


  1. Hey knitting is the next best thing. The scarf looks great.

  2. Wonderful scarf! I wish I only had the patience to learn :(

    1. Thx Candice. I probably won't knit big things, just little cuties lol. The good thing is you can do it watching TV, it can be quite relaxing when you get in the swing. Am only a beginner but hopefully when I get a little more experienced it will be a piece of cake.

  3. Beautiful scarf! The stitches look so even. You have such patience to knit!

    1. Lol. I am the most impatient and lazy person, hence why am a slow sewer lol. But the thing about knitting is you can do it watching TV. I only did it then just a bit each day. Took me ages to do the scarf but I did enjoy learning how to rectify my mistakes.

  4. I like the color of the scarf! What can be a better motivation to progress in knitting that these cute knitted cakes and a place with the English breakfast ;)

  5. Wow girl you are sooo classy and gorgeous! Love your outfit and attitude ! Following you now,hope you check out my blog too!

    1. Lol. None of them are me, they are other bloggers. Am top right.

    2. Am about double their age lol

  6. I think you can claim fashionista status; this scarf is gaw-juss! and beautifully stitched :) Love that colour.


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