Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pinty Pix - Oct 12

Well it's that time again where I share what has floated up my Pinterest stream. First of all ignore the "read more" when you get to the end of this post. There isn't anymore so am not sure what that's all about hehe. Right lets get back to Pinty

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Love fur! Most coats or jackets I tend to buy sport a little fur, mainly faux. I just feel too cool for school in them. It gives me a funky vibe. Would kill for the one on the left.

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How chic is this ensemble. Love the skirt but I have far too much padding up top *wink* to carry off the top. I would end up looky likey  michelin man - too much boobage.

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Desc: Bracelet in resin of average width. Rigid. Inlays in contrasting color horn. Available in different sizes.
Just up my street this bangle, and it has been reduced from $320 to $160, right where's my purse, think I'll have ten in every colour for that price. NOT lol.

Fabric Envy

Like many sewers I love fabric, can't afford much but love seeing beautiful fabric. Pinterest is great for that I often see fabric I adore, most times I don't necessary like the garment but the fabric . . . am oooing and ahhing about.

Pinned Image

This fabric is uber cool. I would be screaming the house down if I had this fabric. And I mean screaming! Not that I have any pattern in mind but that's half the fun. It would make a great funky top.

I view some fabrics as an art piece, I could sit and just gaze at some pieces of art, I feel the same about certain fabric designs.
Until Next time

Sassy T


  1. Oh, I´d kill for that coat too! And that print!

  2. I bet you could paint some fabric to look like that....!

    1. You could. Me on the other hand . . . lol

  3. Great choices! That last print is uber cool. UBER. COOL. Want.

  4. Love, love, loving the fur. I just ordered some luscious faux fur and plan to trim a velveteen coat with it. Here's hoping it turns out!

  5. UMM...I pretty much need it ALL! Love that animal print coat. Kiah

  6. Ohh that fabric is funky indeed! I love touching fabric and being in the presence of fabric... some of them are art indeed.


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