Monday, 4 June 2012

Oh Em Gee! Mission Maxi!

Nice rhyming title for ya.

If you were to ask me what would be the pattern I would most like to own, I would say Jamie Christina's, Mission Maxi - tank top maxi, halter top maxi, and godet back maxi are the options of this pattern. As many of you know this has a zillion positive reviews on Pattern Review and elsewhere on the net. I have dreamt of owning it. But alas being unemployed it wasn't to be for quite some time, and in the meantime I had to be content just looking at other peeps creations.

I liked the fact that not only does the dress look the bomb, especially with the racer back, but the instructions are said to be superb and you are left with a dress that looks RTW, in respect to the attention to detail.

I know McCalls have a maxi dress pattern out, but I wanted the Mission Maxi!!! Stamps her foot.  I was envious of all the maxi interpretations and how the creators gushed, Ooo this is my 100th Mission Maxi and I see many more to come.

I wanted this torment and pattern envy to end, so when I saw that Jamie Christina was hosting a giveaway on her blog Pretty Ditty involving any three patterns to three lucky winners, I was all over it like a rash. I registered my blog name and fulfilled the requirements of liking their Facebook page, following them on twitter and for a bonus entry tweeting about the giveaway. I would have sang the National Anthem in Swahili if required.

Because I really, really really, wanted to win this - just in case I haven't made this glaringly obvious - I resigned myself to the fact that I would not be a winner. A bit like the National Lottery, I place my funds but have serious doubts of ever winning but hope I might.

The giveaway winners were going to be announced today, so I log into Bloglovin to check on blog updates, Pretty Ditty's was at the top, and I quickly scanned the preview Bloglovin gives you.

After the title, Giveaway Winners and More I see this;

The great Randomizer has chosen the winners and they are . . .  Melinda COne Shabby ChickSassy  

My little heart leapt when I saw Sassy but quickly dropped  when I realised it was ChickSassy. Did I say disappointed.

ChickSassy was followed by TThanks which I didn't see straight away, I just thought after seeing ChickSassy,  I hadn't won,  but when I saw the second T in TThanks I thought, hold on a minute. Is it Shabby Chick, Sassy T?  Had Bloglovin grouped the words on the preview page?

I click into the actual blog and yes, I say yes, I was listed as one of the three winners, so it was Shabby Chick not Chick Sassy. I couldn't stop staring, I was transfixed.  I would have screamed the house down if I wasn't dumbstruck.

Did I say am excited. Whoa, this is one thing that will propel my diet, again.  Just want to have a wee chocolate celebration today, then am back on it, honest, I deserve it, it's hard work waiting on the results of a giveaway. Funny enough my last blog post Pinterest Pix, talked about the wonders of maxi's.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day am going to be looking da bomb in my Mission Maxi . . .


  1. Congratulation. I know how it feels to be so excited and want to jump and scream and maybe think about possibly doing some cartwheels if it weren't for all the things that could go wrong with that. I won a new to me sewing machine from Mimi G recently and went through all the same emotions.

    You should make a maxi now though, they look good on all shapes and sizes. I just received my McCalls version in the mail and I'm working on the size 16 version. I'm hoping to look as good as Candice over at sew my time blog...

    1. Yeah I agree they look fab on all shapes. I just want to use it as my carrot to lose the weight. A sort of treat.

  2. Yay, congrats are in order! I know you are going to rock that maxi girl! Ary&39;sMom thanks Diva! You will rock that maxi too!

  3. Hey!!

    Thats great! You will have a ball making a Jamie Christina piece of clothing... it's so much fun!!

    Can't wait to see it!

    Bundana x

  4. I'm excited for you!!!! Congratulations!!! That must of been an awesome experience. This definately deserves a celebratory dessert.

  5. Oh, I love that pattern. I've seen so many awesome versions out there. Congrats! That was a great giveaway to win.

  6. Anonymous6/22/2012

    Late as hell but congrats!!!! I just made mine up yesterday after a bunch of doubts about what size to make and I'm in love!!! I'm sure you will love it too.

  7. Thanks shawnta looking forward to seeing your dress.


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