Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pinterest Pix - May 12

Well it's that time of the month again, where I pluck something from the Pinterest stream.

First up is this maxi . . .

The colours turquoise (I think)  and black are stunnning together, simple but effective. Now the sun is here it's been all about maxi's, and I absolutely love them. In the sewing blogosphere there are some fantastic maxi creations and I can't wait to make one myself once I get the opportunity and have shed some of this blubber.

Don't ya just love the no nonsense appeal of maxi's, they suit all shapes and sizes.

If a dog's a mans best friend, a maxi is a womans.

Next up . . .

 "Japanese Akoya Pearl. Double knotted on silk. hand strung using the finest silk thread. $1055"

Yeah, I will have ten of those please, at that price. They are exquisite but I'll wait for the sale or some serious depreciation. And I mean SERIOUS.
And Finally . . . 

When I first saw this dress a while back, not particularly the one in the image, I thought, oh there they are, I wondered where my lampshades had gone. But after seeing it a few times and on Rebecca Ferguson - more on her later - I thought, hmm am actually warming to this dress.

It's nothing I would wear, well not without energy saving bulbs dangling from my wrists, but It has sort of grown on me and I like seeing them. Wonder what they call the dress? I call it the lampshade dress and really like it in the Fuschia.

Well those are my picks until next month . . .

Am going to leave you with the lovely Rebecca Ferguson, singing live for Perez Hilton. If my memory serves me right she was a finalist in the UK xfactor. She has such a unique bitter sweet voice, I suspect she will be big news in the US.

Moreover she is from my home town, so that in itself is a plus. We gave you the Beatles now we give you Rebecca Ferguson.

Until next time . . . 

CAUTION: MEN AT WORK - WOMEN work all the TIME, MEN have to put up a SIGN when they WORK!


  1. Oooh. Those pearls are gorgeous. At 18 pearls per strand, they're just under $60 for one... Too bad they probably won't separate them out so you could get them for earrings!

  2. There aren't words sufficient to express my hatred of the sleeves on the pink dress. They look so totally stupid. I just had to share. 8-D

  3. I love, love that maxi dress!

  4. meli88a - Aren't they just

    ElleC - Lol

    Candice - Lovely isn't it. You could do a tiered one if you wanted, now you have the pattern. Your one is

  5. Sigh, wish I was tall enough to wear that beautiful maxi dress!!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have seen lots of girls my height 5ft 1ish" working them when I was in town the other day. Kylie Minogue would look the biz in one and she is about 5ft 1" Maxi's suit all heights and sizes, in my opinion, so go for it. Never assume that you are not tall enough, especially for a maxi. Try one and see.

  6. Love the maxi dress - I plan on making one this summer. I am only 5'3" but I have come to believe that everyone can look good in one :o)

  7. I look forward to seeing it. Love maxi's.

  8. Anonymous6/01/2012

    Thr maxi has to be the most comfortable outfit ever and extremly versatile.

    Ambitious sewer


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