Friday, 15 June 2012

It's All About Tutes . . .

Thought it was high time I did a post, but am not sewing anything at the moment. I know what you are thinking Ooo what a surprise. No need for the sarcasm.  Am waiting until I start a class or a workshop of some sort, I only have a coffee table and can't be a*sed working on that at the moment, plus I have a bad back . . . violins puh-lease.

There may be a little pencil skirt in the pipeline with some curtain fabric I bought a while back but don't hold your breath.

Anyway to fill this void and stop this blog from growing grey hairs I thought I would do one on tutorials I have had for a while or recently come across in case you are interested. I have not used them yet but intend to one day. Honest.

Okay first up is this tute by Sew Much Ado  - a tiered maxi skirt. I definitely want to try this, I have a weakness for maxi's, yet to make one though. Check out her blog, she has other tutorials and there is a very cute maxi dress too.

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Next up is a Sewing Machine Cozy by Notes From The Patch, to keep it dust free and warm lol. It also has pockets, love a pocket. Cute.

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Lady Boo Boo aka my Janome 5018 will love one of these, been threatening to make her a cover for time, glad I haven't as I like this one better than the one I have saved. Am gonna spoil that bee - atch . . . after I have made myself a few things of course.

And last but not least a maxi skirt which can double as a dress by the lovely Mimi G, another one am going to make. In fact this one will be first as it is super quick. I like her teaching style, cool calm and collective. Most sewing bloggers will be familiar with Mimi but if you are not, check out her blog if you haven't already. She has other cute tutes.

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Bye for now peeps.

Alcohol does not make you FAT it makes you LEAN, against tables, chairs, floors and UGLY people.


  1. Thanks for these wonderful links Sassy T!

  2. Keeps the blog from collapsing lol. Think I may do a regular as I have saved tons of technique tutes too. One day I may even do a sewing post lol.

  3. Oh don't worry, the time will come!

    The weather isn't inspiring me to make much for myself either... all my lovely summer dresses are on hangers and I'm in jeans and rain macs mostly and (if I can contain my disgust) comfie, cosy tops.

    Like Candice says, thanks for the links. It's great to come across new stuff and I love Mimi's style!

    1. I love cosy tops and trousers. It's been throwing it down where I am. Longing for a heatwave like we had a couple of weeks back.

  4. Great tutorials! Thanks for stopping by my very much neglected blog! :) Hopefully, one of these days I will get back on it. ;) Love yours!

  5. Thanks Angela. I know how you feel. I can't do much sewing until my classes start, plus am dieting so have also set up a separate blog too. lol

  6. I wish I could sew... Lol. Even with a tutorial... Smh!! Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. You are too funny, but so kind. And I still want that African shirt you made, good enough or not!! ;) Good bless you, dear!



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