Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Diet Progress - First Two Weeks

Greetings it's my fortnightly diet check in.

You can stop yawning now. I have to do this, it's a sort of therapy and keeps me from reaching for a naughty.

This first two weeks have been tough, yes sirree.  My tummy was having difficulty adjusting to the fact that I wasn't going to indulge in cakes chocolates and crisps, to name a few. Each time I walked out of the supermarket without any goodies it hurled abuse at me, am like hey, simmer, it's only until I shed the blubber. Had to shut it up with a carrot stick . . . needless to say the abuse intensified.

Anyway jokes aside I have been pretty good. I didn't cut out the butter and ate a few bagels, shop bought sandwiches which I was disappointed about as I wanted to cut out the white bread for now. But am figuring the fact that I have cut out the chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks I should at least shed 2lbs over the two week period.

Must admit I did have a night in the first week where I was absolutely craving my favourite cookies, nearly convinced myself that I could have it as a treat in advance of my weigh in as a treat for losing weight. Yeah I was assuming I would, just to get at those cookies. My plums saved the day, ate a couple of them and it was deal done, craving terminated. It was close though.

It's hard denying your self something described as "a luxuriously indulgent cookie, hand baked with the finest Belgian chocolate"

     And there's the belgian chocolate mousse. Nuff said.

I haven't been eating diet foods as much but I have been cutting out the obvious. One step at a time is my motto.

I find I start obsessing about food when I first start a diet. One night I switched the TV on and the programme The Great British Menu was on. Am not watching that I said to myself, it would be pure torture, so I switched channels and what was on,The Restaurant Inspector am like WHAT THE  . . . ?

I guess you wanna know how many pounds I have lost, yeah I was like that today, practically sprinting into the town centre with my bottle of water because believe it or not in the UK we had sun, not the usual hint but full on radiating heat. No really!

Anyway to cut to the chase, I step on the scales, do the usual whilst it spoke to me asking me to keep still, head upright etc. I collected my ticket.

Looked at it, looked at it again. The ticket revealed I had lost;



Yes ladies and gentlemen not even a pound.

Ask me if am pi**ed. Anyway I won't be beaten, super strict the next fortnight. Serious overhaul of my meal proportions, goodbye semi-skimmed and hello skimmed milk. The butter is being kicked to the kerb. If I have not lost weight the next fortnight there are going to be ruptions.

On the diet front see ya in a fortnight . . . Like I said feel free to join me if you too, are a slave to your blubber.

Next post: Pinterest Pix.

"Inside me is a thin woman trying to get out I shut the b**ch up with chocolate"


  1. That is so not fair. I am Pi$$ed for you.

    Do you have a product called PGX over there? It is a supplement that is available in pill form (they are huge) or a powder form that you can add to your food. It consists of fiber which expands and makes you feel full longer. The idea is to take from 1-5 an hour before a meal and you just want less. I know someone who lost 50 pounds using this stuff, and she didn't consciously change her eating habits. Apparently it also has the effect of stabilizing blood sugar. I am trying it now, after going to the gym and swimming AND gaining weight. Ask how pi$$ed I am.

    PS-I just looked for it at and you can get it there. Warning, it isn't cheap.

  2. Hi Elle. Am going to try it the hard way, am unemployed anyway so will have to train myself. If you are doing all that don't forget muscle weighs more, you may have lost fat. I am going to persevere and see how I get on. Good luck though.

    1. I not only weigh more, but I am actually bigger. Clothes tighter, just what I need. 8-((

    2. Aw, well don't give up. Am here every other Wed so check in if you want. Good Luck.

  3. Love the pic you used for this post. Anyway, I too have been trying to kick this blubber to the curb. I am adding one new healthy habit every 3-4 weeks. My first was to drink 3 -4 liters of water a day. I'm pretty close to that. Haven't lost much,a few pounds, next I increased my vegetable intake. Just started this weekend. I actually feel better and less sugar cravings.

  4. Ooo good luck Robin. I do a diet post every other Wednesday, am determined to shed thjis flab hehe.

  5. Hello, discovered your blog through another blog. I wish you luck on changing your eating habits and reaching your weight loss goals. Trying to lose weight is hard. I've found that when they say diet alone doesn't work it's true. I think I've tried everything diet/no excercise and exercise/no diet and seen no results. I finally bit the bullet and am now doing both. In two week I've lost 5 lbs and have gained muscle and tone. Keep at the healthy eating and maybe throw in a little cardio. You will see the pounds melt off. Oh yeah and with excercise you can eat bread. 100% Whole Wheat bread, but hey it's bread. ;-)

    1. Thanks for commenting. I walk a lot but am going to step it up a bit, am determined this week. The blubber is coming off! Congrats on the 5lb weight loss that is fab.

  6. I'm pissed for you too. It's hard to maintain when you think you're doing so good and the scale doesn't budge. I started a diet 3 weeks ago after my Doc informed me that the BMI says I'm obese (so what I gained 12 lbs over the last year). First, I think they need to do away with that. It's so antiquated, and it doesn't take into account those of us that are more muscular to begin with. I cut way back on my carbs and lost 4.5 lbs the first wk, the scale was exactly the same the next two weeks, not even an ounce lost or gained.

    My next plan of attack, doing some home workouts as soon as I get the go ahead from my ortho doc (bulging disc). I discovered Zuzanasrockinbody on youtube (she used to be on bodyrock tv, but they seem too sexually suggestive for me). I figure you can't beat a 6 to 12 minute workout per day, no equipment- just body weight.

    Good luck in your battle, I'm there with you in spirit.

  7. Am not given up, been naughty the past few days but back on with a vengeance tomorrow. Need it shifting.

  8. It's the calm before the weight-loss storm!

    Metabolisms are really strange and individual things to master the art of getting them to lose you the weight you want to.

    This time 2.5 years ago, I weighed 3 stone heavier and I lost it through weight watchers with a low carb edge to my diet. Getting Clive helped too, hour hikes daily keep my relapses at bay

    Keep at it mate, MWAH!

    Bundana x

  9. Anonymous7/16/2012

    Hi :-) Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I Understand perfectly that you're pissed, not having lost any weight!
    If I had to offer some advice it would be to visit your GP for a start. He/she can do some blood tests and see if your metabolism is normal.
    If not, it's important to get that right! Your GP will tell you how. (maybe pills depending on how low it is.)
    When it comes to changing your diet, eat a lot of fiber and green veggies. Combine that with lots of fish and seafood.
    Exercise regularly (30 mins a day minimum). If you have a bike, that's a great way to get your workout and transport yourself at the same time.
    Keep up the good work and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you reach your goal! :-)


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