Sunday, 30 August 2015

Tilly & The Buttons - Delphine Skirt x 2


I purchased Tilly and The Buttons book, Love At First Stitch when it was going for a steal on Amazon. Approx £10. Being a beginner (yes I have been a beginner for about five years) I was looking forward to trying out a few of the projects since they were aimed at someone of my experience.

First up was the Delphine Skirt - effectively a cute A Line skirt. My stash yielded a green cotton canvas type fabric with a text print. When I first saw this in Abakhans I thought Ooo cool fabric, a skirt pattern with straight lines will suit this to a tee.  I opened my purse, handed over my pennies and off I went. When I looked at it again after returning home, I wasn't as enthralled.  The green was a little brighter then I would have liked. Much brighter than the images below depict. But hey ho, am just going to have to own it. 

Unwittingly the text  'backside skater' falls strategically over my derriere area.  Again, am going to have to own it. I may even refer to this Delphine as 'Delphine Backside Skater'. It does make me chuckle though.

My slim mannequin is modelling this Delphine below. The skirt dictates that I lose at least half a stone to fit comfortably. Had to use a bull clip and pins to fit the b**ch,  mannequin. Am not bitter or anything.


A couple of years ago I attended a sewing meet-up in London and happily traipsed around the fabric heaven of Goldhawk Road. Am telling ya, some serious fabric shops up there. I loved it.  Anyway, I came across a charcoal ombre fabric. I was in love.  Feels like a denim but am not sure.  All I knew at that point is that I was going to be pulling out my purse. Unlike the above purchase I wasn't disappointed.

For photo purposes, I decided to chuck this Delphine on a hanger, as it would not sit straight on my mannequin. Perhaps the mannequin was aware I was calling it a b**ch under my breath.  Sorry love, am just jealous that's all. 

The colourway is more like the square image below the skirt image, a shade deeper (can't be a*sed editing), but you get the drift. Both fabrics cost no more than £7 each.


Anna's  Delphine is one of my favourites. Inspired by the 70's. May try a button down one in the future but like most people I have so many other patterns to try.

"Women are like phones. We love to be held and talked to, but if you press the wrong button, you’ll be disconnected."

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