Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Afro Chic & Cool Dude DIY

Greetings. Am back!

Not been anywhere exciting just been so goddamn lazy to blog. I have a few creations to show you. Nothing exciting but I will blog them in due course. Today is all about the Afro Chic & Cool Dude Bag. My two bags in one depending on how am feeling.

Whenever I visit Abakhans fabric store I bury my head in the remnant bins hoping to find that hidden gem. I was in and out the mini skips like a woman possessed. Casting dress fabrics aside, digging, digging and digging some more. Abakhans can be exhausting. But I do enjoy it.

I had decided that I would not buy any more fabric unless it was a got to have fabric. You know the type ladies, I don't need to spell it out to you. We've all been there. My stash was growing but my sewing wasn't progressing so I imposed this restriction.

To cut a long story short I came across the above fabulous curtain fabric. Bingo, that will be a cool bag. I knew Afro lady was going to be at the front. No biggie who was going on the back. I settled on the guy I called cool dude.

I used a  tute by wagdoll for the bag http://goo.gl/yB64ze. I made mine smaller due to a problem I was having with the excessive fraying ripstock which did not agree with the small seams. I used a 1.5cm. That being said I really like the size. I may keep the sides and bottom as the pattern intended next time though. I really love the bag. Not used it yet as I have to do a little hand sewing tidy.

Until Next Time

Sassy T



  1. Good to see you back blogging and the bag is stunning. It looks a bit more structured with it being a little smaller. Going to Abakhan's can be like an upper body workout - my least successful trip was when I went with a pulled shoulder muscle.

    1. Ooo that must have been painful. Don't think I could be that brave.

  2. Nice to hear from you again! The bag is fab!


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