Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Update & Pinty Pix March 2013

Hello gorgeous sewers. I have been delaying this post because in my last I intimated that I would be proudly displaying my handmade tailors ham and seam roll. Yeah I know . . . am all talk.  

Well let me tell ya, no word of a lie I worked towards that goal as I desperately wanted to post about something I had sewn and shock you all to the core! I bought the cotton, sawdust and went looking for red wool. I have to say this wasn't easy, I must have been to the fabric shops about four times and nothing suitable. I have to say I was really getting p'd off at this point, as I was rearing to go.

So am going to delay this creation and make up one of my fave skirt patterns from a book I have. I picked up some cute fabric and I think creating something I am familiar with, will ease me back into sewing.

In the meantime am going to post one of my usual Pinterest picks. Must admit I love doing these posts. So if they bore you . . . Tough *winks*

1. Pastel Suit

Vogue Japan August 2012.  More Pastel Fashion for Fall Winter 2012.
Ain't this suit so damn cute.

2. Fur Jacket

It's no secret I love a little fur. Love this jacket, although it wouldn't be warm enough for the freezing weather we are experiencing in the North of England. No Sireee..

 3. Cutesy Swimwear

PLUS Model Magazine
How cute are these ladies in their playful swimwear? I would kill for that kind of weather. Kill!!

A Little Humour.

Corset style nails
I thought these nails had a scary bug design at first glance.Turns out it's a sexy red corset.

Facebook nails! LOL

For all you facebook addicts.

Until Next Time

Sassy T



  1. I like the swimwear a lot. I find that when you deal with patterns for women larger than a size 14, things get frumpy. You have the mumu option or something else less than stylish with the main goal of covering up the fat woman. Don't let her be seen! Those suits are cute and fun. And those ladies are beautiful. Yay for that pattern designer.

    1. Yeah aren't they cute. Nothing mumsy about them.


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