Saturday, 19 January 2013

Update & Pinty Pix - Jan 2013

Greetings. Remember when I was all excited about enrolling on my level three sewing course. Well it got cancelled!

Strangely enough am not too bothered, one is because it is about two buses to get there, so I didn't relish doing that during the cold nights, and believe me it has been BITTER COLD. Secondly the area it is held is not the best of places to be loitering waiting for a bus after 9pm, with your sewing machine. So it's all good.

Methinks I will stick with my original contention of self teaching with books and the internet, in particular utilising Craftsy's online classes. And to this end I have had delivery of my new cutting table. I just have to get it up two flights of stairs - no mean feat - and I will be good to go.

A bit of good news is that I was offered a permanent post at work. The hours are not ideal but it is a job and has really made a notable difference to my standard of living.

Okay that's enough of my snooze-inducing update lets get straight to my four pinterest picks.

1. Exotic Simplicity

<3 butterfly top stunning!!!!

I absolutely adore this off the shoulder top. Effortless chic. The design and print is so effective. Now, if I was sporting this top, It would put a whole new complexion on things. Did I say sack of spuds, with butterfly looking heavily pregnant with triplets?

2. Fabric Envy - Sleeves 

Gorgeous - The sleeve fabric looks like stained glass you see in churches.

A little stained glass going on, those sleeves are the BUSINESS.

I actually purchased some stained glass buttons from my favourite cheap market haberdashery. Divine! I think they were about 6p a button. Love em.

The Image is not doing the button justice tut, tut.

3. Fabric Envy

I would love a blouse in this fabric. Retro cool. I think am addicted to fabric, not any old fabric but if I see one I like but it's outside my price range I fret for it, yes you heard right ... FRET!  I then stalk the store in the hopes of catching it in the sale. Worked with my last purchase and I was fortunate to secure it for 50% less in the sale. RESULT!

4. Humour

To carry this off I would need about three pairs of them hands for my girls #topheavy.

Am thinking of making my own tailors ham and seam roll, so my next post may be showing them off, all going well.

Until Next Time

Sassy T



  1. I love your picks. The butterfly top looks great, and it would be great to see your version.

    I also ride the bus most places and feel your pain about waiting out in the cold and dark!

  2. Am not doing a version couldn't do that to ya lol. No I was just saying if I was wearing it. Am still yet to make a top. Getting there though.

  3. Congratulations on the new permanency of your job! and I just love love love that dress with the hands on it. Funny!

  4. Sassy, I just wanted to specially thank you so much for your gorgeous comment on my blue dress... you totally made my day!!

    1. That dress is the business though!

  5. Hi Sassy, this is Latrice (Trice) from SewTell.
    I would love to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award.
    However, I need to make sure your blog has less than 200 followers.
    I hope to post about the award tomorrow. Thanks

    1. That's kind of you. Yes I have considerably less followera. See top right.

    2. Ooops typo "followers"


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