Thursday, 2 August 2012

It's All About Tutes . . .

Well hello, you sassy peeps, still not made anything since I last posted, am determined to shed some of the blubber before I start using my fabric, and it aint easy, only lost about 4lbs lol. However, I have lost a total of 6.5" of various parts of my body, an inch of my big toe, a 1/4 inch of each thumb, an inch of my ear lobes.

Ok so I jest but I have really lost 6.5" from various parts of my body, nothing to rave about but the 1.5" off the girth cheered me up.  See my fat blog for further enlightenment.

Right! Back to the matter at hand. I am doing one of my usual filler posts until I start sewing again, so here are a couple of cute tutes.

First up are these cute mini bloomers pattern free to download compliments of Colette Patterns.

Madeleine Mini Bloomers

A few displayed on the Colette blog here. Love the nautical ones. Wouldn't mind making a pair of these for bed, paired with a cute camisole. How cutesy would that be. How adorable are these?

This blogger gives you a few pointers on creating them.

Next up is a tutorial for a draped circle top thanks to Nay  at Sweet Lemonayde. I like these tops, pretty cool.

Draped Circle Top

Well that's it for the tutes for now.

I have been addicted to a song advertising Reggae Sauce, each time it comes on TV I sing along, and I am singing along to it when it is not on, everywhere.  I just can't help it.  I managed to find it on youtube although I prefer the streamlined one on the TV  but this still has my fave bits in lol.

All together now ♫ reggae, reggae sauce . . .


  1. Those colette bloomers are cute! I've downloaded that pattern too but I haven't got around to trying it out yet :)

  2. Ooo I hope you get round to them bet they will be fab.

  3. that cartoon made me laugh my mirror deceptive ass off.

    serious congratulations on the 6.5. but, you know, don't get kookoo on us now. be healthy & happy!

    1. Lol. No I won't get kookoo, just want to shed a little blubber to be me again hehe. Lovin your prom - limo posts.

    2. Ha! I wish I had the issue with the mirror and my behind... lol. :)

  4. Where is my Little Miss Africa skirt, Miss??? LOL! :D

    1. LOL. You look absolutely fabulous on the advert. Congrats.


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