Friday, 13 July 2012

Blog Name Assistance

I want to change my blog name, got bored with Sassy T Sews. Am easily bored. Finding it difficult to think of one that hasn't already been done by either another blog or website. At the moment I have A Dressmaking Journey,  I don't mind it but I want something with a little more bite, wondering whether it sounds a bit boring. Just thought of  Seam A Stress,  a play on the word seamstress and since my creations, in particular the seams involve some sort of stress lol.

I know many don't like the word seamstress for a sewer but I do. 

Should I just keep A Dressmaking Journey? It does sound a little sophisticated. Any suggestions?

During my sewing life I may think of another but in the meantime . . .

ETA: I might ditch Seam A Stress, there are quite a lot of similar blog names, just googled. Arggghhh. 

Everything I like is already used a dozen times one way or another. I need to get my creative head on. Think I may just use  a name that is nothing to do with sewing, might be easier.

How about Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, a song title from one of my favourite singers Ella Fitgerald, although a bit long winded.  In fact I think I will check out the song titles from my favourite back in the day jazz singers and come back with a list. 

For example Blue Gardenia by Dinah Washington or Just For The Thriil by Ray Charles, love that tune. Ooo it's coming together, feel more excited now. I still welcome any suggestions though from my sassy peeps. 

If you have prefer one of all of the above, please let me know to help in my decision making. Need my hand holded sometimes lol. I do have a favourite thus far but await your feedback. In the meantime I willl go and check out some of my favourite song titles.

Don't be shy.

ETA: I have gone with Thread Noir, suggested by someone on a forum. I love Film Noir and tend to sew in the evening, so it seems ideal. It has that mysterious sophisticated, dark appeal about it. Thanks ladies.


  1. Your getting rid of "Sassy T sews".... :( I love the blog title.. If I were to be of any assitance. I like " A dressmaking journey". Also, I like "Seams just for the thrill." Kinda of playing off one of your favorite tunes, yet still has the sewing reference in their for good measure. At any rate whatever you do decide I know it will fabulous!

  2. After you find someone to name youe blog, send em to me to name mine, lol. J/k, but I'm really terrible naming things. For what it's worth I actually like Sassy T Sews the best.

  3. I liked Sassy T Sews too!! But I can understand growing tired of a blog name, lol. This is my second. But I actually really do like "Thread Noir" - sounds classy + simple, yet unique. By the way, I was trying to return your comment by visiting your blog and I almost didn't find your new blog since you changed names! But I found you via BurdaStyle :)

    Also, I thank you for the sweet comments on my last project!


  4. I like the name "thread noir." I've been over my blog name for a while but don't want to have to switch blogs. Did you have to create a whole new blog, or were you able to just direct the old one here?

    1. No I just changed it in settings. You can always just change the screen name until you are 100% sure, then change the actual site name in settings. I temporarily changed my screen name to A Dressmakers Journey but my blog addr was still as I wasn't too sure about the name. But I really like thread noir so changed the blog site name. If you do change the actual site name don't forget to change it on the other sites you have mentioned it, ie Pattern Review, Burda etc.

    2. Good idea to google your chosen name. What I did was put in the name then blog afterwards just to check, or just the name will do. I had to dismiss a few because they were all over google in one guise or another. But am glad because my chosen one is much better than the ones I previously considered, in my opinion.

  5. How about "BeStitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" and maybe change Bothered & Bewildered to something sewing-related? I've started calling myself (in my own head, not actually outloud) a Seamstrix because whenever I use the word seamstress I think of dominatrix. Don't ask why my head goes there! Just found your blog - glad I did!

    1. I have settled on Thread Noir it has that film noir vive, plus it is simple but sophisticated. If you have a blog you should use Seamstrix, it is fab.

  6. "vibe" I meant lol

  7. love thread noir! ...wish i could think of something more interesting to say, but there it is, i just love it.


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