Friday, 4 May 2012

Nifty Thrifty

Today I decided I would go for a long walk and check out a few charity shops in other localities. I popped on my warm coat, walking shoes and gave it legs down the busy roads.  I checked in and out of charity shops, nosed at buttons, leafed through knitting patterns and eyed up vintage knitting needles.

Fortunately, I had previously got a good deal on ten pairs of knitting needles from an eBay seller, about £3.50 including P&P, so I wasn't in the market for them this time around. No doubt there will be quite a few I don't have but that will be addressed if and when a pattern dictates.

After about two hours, my legs were screaming for a rest so I spotted a library, marched over and logged on to one of their computers. Yeah, I know I was just using the library for a sit down. After a short break I was up again and checking out more charity shops, not really seeing anything of note, but enjoying the experience nevertheless.

I was getting to the tail end of charity shops, and after  asking one assistant whether they sold buttons, she directed me to a thrift shop, just a bit further up the road, that sold buttons and other things you can't get elsewhere.  Well, I practically sprinted there.

What a shop! As I walked in, to my right on a cabinet, my eagle eyes spotted two boxes, one labelled knitting patterns and the other, sewing patterns - 20p each! I was in them boxes quicker than a child's hand in an open cookie jar.

I came away with four patterns and some buttons. Even though they are not patterns I would go out my way to order in ordinary circumstances, but at 20p a piece I would have been crazy to have left them at the shop.

Well here they are;

I will probably try the view with the sleeves. I do like the other views but my arms or the Bronte sisters won't thank me for it. I will need a good bra with the neck being high up, my current bra's have had a hard life, I put them on they give me the bleurgh, I can't be a*sed attitude.

Looks a little bleurgh, but am sure I can do something with it. Those sleeves look a tad too long for my tastes, easily rectified and I see a funky fabric for this one, to give it some Oomph.

I will probably take away a little of the volume as I don't have much regard for the top as it looks in the image, but images can be deceiving. It's got my creative juices flowing if nothing else.I have a sneaky feeling the Bronte's will like this one.

ETA: Just realised one of the other views are fitted with contrasting arms and band.

I like the first tiered skirt. I can see a little colour blocking going on in my summer version. I like that it has a regular waistband rather than elasticated, which is more flattering to someone with a girth like mine.

Never even thought of creating under garments, I wouldn't go so far as trying to make bra's for the Bronte's since I would need a sewing room of corrugated iron for that task but teddy's and briefs, yeah I can see myself given them a go when my experience is up a few notches.

I hadn't realised until I was on my way home, and feeling totally exhausted that I had been walking for four hours plus, and that is even with the time in the library and shops taken into account. I had to jump the bus for the last furlong, legs couldn't take no more.

But am home now and in about 60 seconds I will be logging off, diving under my fleece throw and catching up with the lovely ladies of Wisteria Lane.

Have a nice weekend . . .


  1. Anonymous5/08/2012

    Hey lady, Thank you so much for nomination. It means a great deal to me. I really suck at those blog things but this time I will do it, I am just lazy...but I will do it.
    Thanks once again,
    Ambitious Sewer

  2. Am lazy too, so don't worry lol. At least you make things on your blog, I just chat most of the time hehe.

  3. 20P?! What a bargain! In the charity shops around North London they charge one or two pounds. Cheeky.


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