Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Memory Lane Creations

Thought I would kick start this blog with a trip down memory lane, creatively speaking. First up is what I call my Butterfly Tote made with cotton canvas, created one night at the helm of my beginners status. 

I had created a couple of tote bags before this one,  in my Level One beginners class but I did not feel as proud of them as I did of this one. Obviously my skills have moved on since I have made this but I recall copying the shape from a favourite tote I got with a magazine and feeling oh so proud after whipping it up one late evening.

Still haven't used it. I feel I will, one bright summers day, she sighs.  Okay next up is my flare skirt. Used one of the patterns from the Flirt Skirt Book

Made this skirt in Level two of my sewing class, which I am still on. Although I had made some skirts before I had never done one from a pattern before, without an elastic waistband. I really like this skirt on, just the right amount of flare and I feel quite girly in this.

ETA: I did make a boo, boo on this.  After I had cut out the pattern, I started cutting out the leftover fabric for scrap. I know, what possesed me. I suddenly realised half way through I hadn't cut the waistband so had to cut on the cross grain, hence the direction of the stripes on the skirt. I was gutted as I had worked out how I was placing the waistband in relation to the stripes and I thought Ooo this will look the biz. Oh well best laid plans and all of that lol.

And finally my more sophisticated tote sporting a zip closure and interior pockets Vogue 8568. My first commercial pattern and I have to say I had no idea what most of the instructions meant. So I was glad my tutor was there to assist, worth her weight in gold she is.

I chose a funky printed curtain fabric,and am actually pleased with it. Don't get me wrong it is far from perfect but it looks pretty cool.

Okay that's all for now. I shall return when I have completed View C of the said pattern which am making in faux leather causing me Tense Nervous Headaches . . .

Sayonara . . .

The good thing about a rumour is you get to learn so much more about yourself you didn’t know.


  1. The skirt looks really impressive - your choice of fabric makes a simple pattern look very complicated. You must have an eye for the right fabric as the tote bag looks amazing as well.

  2. I love the tote, so cool with the black and white. Since you have made both clothes and bags, which is easier?

    1. I have only made easy skirts, and they have been easier than the bags. I learn more skills with the bags and it is helping build my confidence. Just building my confidence before I move onto dresses and tops which am very apprehensive about as I would need to do FBA's being large busted hehe. I suspect dresses and tops will be more difficult than the bags.

  3. I really like the tote. That fabric is very cool

  4. Thanks Cynthia . . .

  5. I love the bags you made they are gorgeous and so well done, with great fabric. The skirt is cute too. Good luck in your sewing classes! XxxX


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