Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year gorgeous people, it's been a long time but one of my new year resolutions has been to sew more which means blog more . . well that's the plan. Am in the process of creating button holes/sewing buttons on three 2013 projects. Gosh I can't wait to put them to bed.

As you know or may not know I run a facebook page called  Sassy Sewing Bees where I champion the creations of others, be it vintage inspired, bad ass, modern or just breathtaking. In addition I will post the odd tute I come across, a vintage image, humour and anything else that floats my boat. I post practically everyday as the posts are short and sweet. I find the page inspiring.

At some point am going to be posting my favourite five creations posted on SSB in 2013. There will be two groups of five, vintage inspired and miscellaneous. So look out for that blog post if you like a little sewing awesomeness.

I treated myself to a couple of online sewing sale goodies last night  and collected them today.  I just love 'click and collect'  saves on the delivery costs. When am working on something it is not unusual to perform some sewing tasks upstairs in my craft room and others downstairs where it is cosier which most of the time involves removing pins. Lost count of how many times I had forgotten to bring down my pin tin which results in having pins up and downstairs, a pet hate. Enter this uber cute retro wrist pin cushion for just under a fiver a cool bargain from John Lewis.

Second up is a cute retro tin, now to be honest I don't need any more cute tins, I already have two I use for sewing notions but am not one to ignore a bargain, so snapped it up. I shall use it for my special notions, ie cute bias binding, pretty grosgrain, those notions one saves for a special project. Am now officially done with cute tins

Hope you all had a great Christmas and the New Year is as fruitful as you deserve. 

Adios amigos

Sassy T



  1. Cute pin cushion and tin. Glad I found your FB, thanks!

  2. Have Fab 2014 Melody.

  3. Love your retro sales bargains. If only I looked as sophisticated as her when sewing.

  4. Happy New Year Sassy! WERK SSB! Take care!

  5. Virgina's daughter have a Fab new year.

  6. Wishing you a productive and very happy 2014 Sassy T!


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